About Us

Chogogo Dive & Beach Resort was founded in 1997 in Curaçao as the first Caribbean hotel in the Jan Thiel Bay area.

In 2021 Chogogo Dive & Beach Resort started a second branch on sister island Bonaire. Both islands have their own identity to which Chogogo Dive & Beach Resort connects with its own character.

We have been providing our guests with the highest level of hospitality for over two decades, welcoming approximately 15,000 guests every year. It is our special mission to honor the local environment and the local community by operating as a sustainable resort.

Chogogo Bonaire
Chogogo Curacao Resort, is committed to sustainability and minimizing stress on our island’s environment.


At Chogogo Resort, we understand the importance of sustainability and are committed to minimizing the stress on our island’s environment. Our resort operates on a system that uses freshwater in an eco-friendly way and keeps energy waste at bay with energy-saving lights, appliances, and equipment. Since 2014, we’ve been the proud owners of the “Travelife Gold Award” for Chogogo Dive & Beach Resort Curaçao. We aim to accomplish the same for Chogogo Dive & Beach Resort Bonaire.

Chogogo Resort also supports local organizations that aim to improve the local ecological environment and safeguard the wellbeing of local wildlife.

Chogogo Dive & Beach Resort Bonaire