Chogogo Car Rental: COMING SOON

Get on the road in no time!

Our car rental service will hand you the keys in no time, so you can focus on hitting the road for your Caribbean adventure!

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Chogogo car rental service, with different car options.
A blue rental car, from the Chogogo car rental service.
A white fiat, from the Chogogo car rental service.

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Chogogo Bike Rental COMING SOON

Biking through city and nature!

Our high-quality mountain bikes and city bikes are perfect for thrill-seekers or anyone planning an active vacation. Our hotel guests can enjoy the bike rental service free of charge.

Pick up your bike at our front desk!

Tourists riding a rental bike at Chogogo.

Beach Cart Rentals COMING SOON

Beach carts for family fun on the beach!

We offer durable, lightweight beach carts to transport all your family’s belongings and navigate the heavy sand with ease.

Pick up your beach cart at our front desk!

A family enjoying their rental beach cart at Chogogo.
a person enjoying a slide at Chogogo
Beach chairs at a beach with a blue sky - Chogogo



Chogogo Dive & Beach Resort offers a wide range of facilities in and around the Resort. Enjoy a spectacular dive facilitated by our diving center, dine in one of our three top-quality restaurants, play a game of volleyball, beach tennis or jeu de boules and take a refreshing dip in our gorgeous swimming pools, lazy river or the clear blue sea.